Sketches of Estonia

Justin Petrone


“Thus began my voyage back to the mainland, where I set off with my notebook, determined to tell some good stories …”
Justin Petrone has lived in Estonia for 15 years and written many books about his experiences, including the bestselling My Estonia trilogy. Sketches of Estonia is a collection of short stories about this intriguing northern land and its engaging characters: world travelers, nudists, geneticists, writers, politicians, hitchhikers, fishermen, drunks, folk musicians, naturalists, builders, poets, clowns, blacksmiths, and tropicalists.
“Sketches of Estonia” on eesti keeles saadaval pealkirjaga “Kirju Eestist”.

Kirjastaja Petrone Print
Ilmumisaasta 2017
Keel Inglise
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